maple syrup tap


maple syrup since 1832

For over 180 years through eight generations, the Crinklaw family has taken great pride in producing high quality maple syrup.

The Crinklaw family arrived from Scotland in 1832 and settled on the 5th Concession of Westminster Township, south of London Ontario. Families in this era had no source of sugar other than maple sugar and depended on the spring ritual for their year’s supply. Sugaring off parties heralded the coming of Spring. This was, and still is, a busy, happy time with family and friends all playing a role in many celebrations around the fire.

Each Spring on our farm, a fire is lit under that same iron kettle used in 1832 as part of our demonstrations of sugar making in March.

Today, even with so many advancements in technology, a stainless steel evaporator is still fired by wood logs. It boils the collected sap and produces the finest maple syrup we have to offer.

“a stop to the sugar house is a must”

Having recently moved to BC, we miss the familiar faces and places that we were blessed to have in London. The Crinklaw Sugar House is one of those special places. Warmer, friendlier and more knowledgeable staff you simply will not find, and the Crinklaw family’s maple syrup is the very best we have ever tasted. On return visits, a stop to the Sugar House is a must and we always ensure our luggage has room to accommodate enough syrup to carry us through to the next visit. It’s a little taste of Ontario on the west coast.
~ Wilf and Ethyle Lamb, West Vancouver.