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Crinklaw Maple Products

Crinklaw’s Maple Syrup

Syrup is graded according to colour. Extra light, light, medium and amber.

Each day that we actually boil the sap, we take a sample of the finished syrup. The colour can be affected by the temperature of the sap as it is collected. Generally the syrup becomes darker in colour as the season progresses and at the same time the maple flavour becomes stronger.

Crinklaw Maple Products

Storing Maple Syrup

All maple syrup must be refrigerated. Syrup is best frozen. It will not freeze solid due to the high sugar content but will be quite thick when frozen. It will keep that fresh flavour better when it is frozen.

You can warm it up to room temp or heat slightly in the microwave. Heating the syrup makes it thinner. Keep a small amount in your fridge for day to day use. Keeping the top clean will prevent crystals from forming.

Crinklaw Maple Products

Crinklaw’s Maple Butter

Maple butter is made only with pure maple syrup, nothing else. It must be refrigerated but is more spreadable at room temperature. If a thin line of syrup appears on the top of the maple butter, simply stir. Enjoy this treat on muffins, scones, croissants or tea biscuits. It is also great on children’s pancakes as it will melt right back into syrup.

Crinklaw Maple Products

Crinklaw Maple Product Retailers

If our store is closed for the season, you may buy our syrup products at local farm markets:

Howe Family Farms (Seasonally)

Talbotville Berry Farm (year round)

Thomas Brothers Market (Seasonally)

Havaris Produce (products available year round)

mmm...that sweet taste of spring!